Thursday, February 23, 2012

A New Source for Southwest Chicago News

In the spring of 2012, the Southwest Chicago Post will begin operations.

The Southwest Chicago Post is an independent news service delivering news and opinion to the people of Chicago's Southwest Side.

Our aim is to promote prosperity, progress and peace in the neighborhoods we serve---primarily the neighborhoods on all four sides of Midway Airport, but our coverage will include items of interest to all Southwest Siders.

We intend to champion local homeowners, locally owned and operated small businesses and professional practices, schools, libraries, parks, houses of worship and more.

We strongly support local efforts to prevent crime and make neighborhoods safer.

We do cheerfully assist and promote members of our local business and professional community, particularly those that are independent, locally owned and which hire local residents.

We at the Southwest Chicago Post do not consider ourselves to be in competition with any existing community newspapers serving the Southwest Side. Quite the contrary, in fact. We will offer our content to them to enhance their products. We encourage everyone to support them as local businesses.

This online news service is locally owned and operated by lifelong Southwest Siders Joan Hadac (Editor and Publisher) and Tim Hadac (Managing Editor), both of whom have worked as local newspaper reporters and editors for over 25 years each.

We encourage all our readers to post comments on the news stories and opinion pieces that we post. All comments will be reviewed before being posted. We do allow anonymous comments, yet we will not allow the Southwest Chicago Post to serve as a forum for bigotry of any kind. We also will not allow personal attacks against anyone, including elected officials and other public figures. On this site, all of us need to keep our tone respectful and our criticisms constructive.

We welcome your constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. (

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