Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Chicago Glass Blocks: Privacy, Security, Style from a Local, Family-Owned Business

In a world where high-tech surveillance is on the rise and privacy seems increasingly difficult, people across the city and suburbs are turning to glass block windows as a simple solution to low-tech surveillance by burglars and plain-old snoops.

“My basement is the place where my wife does the laundry
Single-pane windows = lack of privacy
 and my daughters play with their friends,” says Clearing homeowner Dave Bauer, 36. “The last thing I want is people on the outside snooping in, for whatever reason and especially if I’m not home. So I had my four windows—the original, single-pane windows that came with the house in 1955—removed and replaced with glass blocks. I feel better, my wife feels more secure, and my kids—innocent that they are--don’t know the difference.”

Empty nester Ted Wesolowski of Garfield Ridge agrees. “My youngest son graduated from college last year and moved out into an apartment. So with plenty of space and no more tuition bills, I decided to remodel my basement at long last and make it into a ‘man cave’ or whatever we’re calling a den these days.”

“Well, I did it up right and added a home theater system, a wet bar and few other expensive upgrades,” he adds. “Then one night, I’m hosting a Monday Night Football party for a few buddies; and what do I see but some punk peeking in, like he’s casing my house for a burglary or something. We ran outside and chased him away, but that did it for me. Next day I started looking into glass blocks. In the end, it worked out well. No more uninvited guests.”

While glass block windows add an important measure of security and privacy to any home or business, they offer many other benefits.

“The right glass blocks can add a whole new dimension of beauty on the outside and soft natural light on the inside,” says Carol Basic, a Clearing resident and owner of Chicago Glass Blocks, headquartered at 6036 S. Central. “Plus they add value to your home, and they are generally maintenance free.”

Chicago Glass Blocks creates and installs custom-made
Brian and Mike Basic at a home window installation.
 windows using top-quality Pittsburgh Corning glass block, the only glass block manufactured in the U.S. The company is the only Pittsburgh Corning distributor in the Chicago area.

The company also is known for using superior mortar mixed to manufacturer's specs, a high-quality blend of Type I Portland cement and lime. This, Basic says, is unlike the big-box, discount home improvement stores, where the glass blocks are stuck together with merely a fraction of an inch of caulk.

Joe Leonard applies mortar, while Brian Basic checks inventory.
Celebrating its 28th anniversary this year, Chicago Glass Blocks is locally owned and managed by a family with decades of experience in masonry and masonry restoration for homes and businesses. Well known and highly respected in the Chicago-area construction industry, the Basic Family has a deep understanding of local construction methods and materials, enabling them to quickly and accurately assess your home or business needs. The highly trained technicians--mostly family members and all area residents--who will come to your home are fully insured and leave your home in better shape than they found it.

To learn more about Chicago Glass Blocks, go online to or call (773) 581-5081 for a free energy consultation from a friendly, experienced expert.

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