Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Thieves Hitting Cars in Garfield Ridge

By Tim Hadac
Managing Editor
Southwest Chicago Post

A cluster of thefts from vehicles in the Garfield Ridge area has prompted police to issue a community alert.

Crime scenes include:
    • 5200 block of South Moody at about 5:45 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 26.
    • 5600 block of South Menard at about 5 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 26.
    • 6200 block of South Nashville at about 7:45 p.m. Monday, Feb. 27.
    • 5600 block of South Newland at about 12:15 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28.
    • 5800 block of South Sayre at about 12:45 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28.
    • 5700 block of South Rutherford at about 12:45 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28.
    • 5700 block of South Nottingham at about 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28.
    • 5600 block of South Moody at about 12:15 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Police did not say if the times given are times the crimes occurred or the times the crimes were discovered.

The thieves are described as one to four men age 18-30, wearing dark clothing.

Those with useful information to share about the crimes are encouraged to call CPD Area 1 detectives at (312) 747-8430 and refer to crime pattern P23-1-048.

In the wake of the crimes, police advise:

• Be aware of this crime and alert your neighbors.
• Pay special attention to any suspicious people loitering in the area.
• Do not leave your car unlocked.
• Do not leave any valuables visible.
• Call 911 immediately and provide a detailed description of the offender(s), including any vehicle description and license plate information.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Archer Avenue Going Green Next Month

Parade to salute hero Danny Golden 

By Tim Hadac
Managing Editor
Southwest Chicago Post

A man hailed as a hero for his bravery and sacrifice last year will be saluted at the 2023 Archer Avenue St. Patrick’s Day parade, set for Saturday, March 11.

Chicago Police Officer Danny Golden, 32, a third-generation member of the force and an Army veteran, was shot last July when he, while off duty, attempted to be a peacemaker and break up a fight on a street. A bullet fired from the gun of one of the combatants severed his spinal cord and left him with a lifetime of medical bills and a host of other needs.

“We’re pleased and proud to have Danny Golden as the parade’s Honorary Grand Marshal this year,” said parade organizer Ed Maher. “He’s truly a hero, and his sacrifice should be remembered and honored by everyone.”

Revenue from parade sponsorships will be donated to the Daniel Golden CARE Trust.

Staging for community groups marching/riding in the parade will be along Oak Park Avenue, just north of Archer. Staging for the various heavy-equipment vehicles in the parade will be along Archer, just west of Oak Park.

Step-off is set for noon at Archer and Oak Park, with parade units heading east up Archer to Narragansett, where the parade will turn south and disband at the west parking lot of Kennedy High School.
The parade is especially fun for children.

There is no parade after-party, Maher said, adding that event organizers urge everyone to instead patronize local restaurants and pubs that could use a surge in business.

It is anticipated that local schools, churches, Scout troops, youth athletic associations and others will have units in the parade. Units will have to register in advance with parade organizers. For details, contact Ed Maher at Archerparade@gmail.com. Those hoping to be in the parade must register before Wednesday, Feb. 22. 

The parade’s host is the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150, led by its president-business manager, James M. Sweeney.

Serving as a parade co-host again is the Clear-Ridge Men’s Social Athletic Club (SAC).

“This is a wonderful, family-focused event that has a lot of neighborhood charm,” said SAC member Al Cacciottolo. “Aside from being a lot of fun, it’s a real showcase for our community organizations to put their best foot forward and let people know who they are. It’s one of those events that help build a stronger and better neighborhood.

“On top of that, Garfield Ridge and Clearing are working neighborhoods, union neighborhoods,” he continued. “So we’re grateful to Jim Sweeney and Local 150 for their leadership with this awesome neighborhood event.”

The parade on Archer is set to occur the same day as the downtown St. Patrick’s Day Parade and a day before the annual South Side Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parade, in the Beverly and Morgan Park neighborhood on the Far Southwest Side.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

You Like Eddie. We Like Eddie. But We Won't Be Voting For Him. Here's Why.


By Joan Hadac
SWCP Editor and Publisher
Tim Hadac
SWCP Managing Editor

Just like all other Southwest Side voters, we have opinions relating to politics.

But in the 11 years since we launched the Southwest Chicago Post, we've done our best to keep our political opinions to ourselves; thinking it best to simply report the news and let folks draw their own conclusions.

But today, briefly, we will break with that, because the Southwest Side may be in danger of losing one of the best aldermen we've ever had.

And we say that with quite a bit of experience. Though the SWCP is just 11 years old, both of us--as local news reporters--started observing and reporting on Southwest Side aldermen and other politicians in the mid-1980s. In nearly 40 years on the job, we've seen enough political dead wood to fill a lumber yard. And that's taught us to appreciate good public servants that much more.

One of those good public servants is 23rd Ward Alderman Silvana Tabares.
Alderman Silvana Tabares

She's currently up for re-election against a high-energy, highly-motivated, highly visible West Lawn man, Eddie Guillen.

And with the recent ward remap taking all of Clearing and much of Garfield Ridge away from the 23rd Ward and giving it to the 13th Ward (a remap Tabares strongly objected to and voted against), the new 23rd Ward includes a lot of homes in West Lawn--formerly the 13th Ward. Draw your own conclusions about how and why that happened, we say with a wink.

Eddie lives in that section of West Lawn. Coincidence?

There's a lot of good to be said about Eddie. Humble beginnings, worked his way up, educated, bright, cheerful, likable, a man who lives his faith, often the first to stand up and step forward when someone needs help. He's proven that in recent years, repeatedly.
A selfie from Eddie Guillen (left).

But what kind of 23rd Ward alderman would Eddie make? Beyond the tiresome, empty platitudes every candidate uses ("I want to be a bridge between people and government" etc.), what are his positions on specific issues?

Well, that's not easy to figure out. Check out his website and you may (with a bit of difficulty) be able to find an "Issues" page that talks in general terms, but appears to avoid specifics and the all-important "how" of every issue.

But here's what you'll find with no difficulty at all on that same website: an astounding 57 photos of Eddie and more than 20 videos that include Eddie. 

OK, so why is Eddie flooding us with photos/videos of himself, but not talking about the specifics, about the "how" of each important issue facing the 23rd Ward? We suspect it's because he's simply not sure. Just like a lot of aldermanic challengers in wards across the city.

And if you look at Eddie's campaigning via social media, you'll see he's heavy on selfies and "community calendar" stuff and light on a genuine discussion of issues of importance, the nuts and bolts of governing, the "how" of running a ward and a city.

So Eddie's a man we like, a lot, but can't possibly vote for as alderman. Why? Because "Vote for me, I'm nice" simply isn't enough.

Especially if it means ditching an alderman with a strong record of success.

Silvana Tabares is the first-ever Hispanic alderman of the 23rd Ward. We like that, especially in a city where the white political establishment has for decades worked to deny Latinos a seat at the table.
Tabares serves as a positive role model for girls.

Silvana Tabares is the first-ever woman alderman of the 23rd Ward. We like that, especially in a city where the male political establishment has for decades worked to deny women a seat at the table.

We don't want to lose that.

Like any incumbent, Silvana Tabares is running on her record.

And it's a good one. A solid, consistent record of supporting our police and other first responders. A record of delivering basic city services. A record of fighting tax increases. A record of supporting mom-and-pop businesses. And perhaps most important, a record of doing what's right, a record of courage in standing up to an arrogant, vindictive, out-of-control mayor who sometimes seems to have nothing but scorn for the men, women and children of the Southwest Side.

Silvana Tabares has our vote on Tuesday, February 28. We think she deserves yours. Thanks.

# # #

Friday, February 10, 2023

CPMF Hails 8th District Police for Response at Ford City Condo Standoff


The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation recently named four CPD officers and a CPD sergeant their February Officers of the Month, in recognition of their effective response to a potentially deadly situation that occurred last spring:

"On April 4, 2022, 8th District Tactical Officers Ivan Lopez, Martin Kirkel, Joseph Shanahan and Sgt. Daniel Hodges responded to call of a domestic-related “person shot” call inside an apartment at 4260 W. Ford City Drive.

"Upon arriving, the officers could hear a female pleading for help inside, yelling she had been shot and that the offender was still in the apartment. Officers Lopez, Shanahan and Kirkel, recognizing the dire situation, entered the small apartment, took positions of cover and yelled for the offender to come out. The officers further noticed that the victim’s father was also shot and lying motionless on the adjacent kitchen floor.

"The officers approached the second victim to render aid when the offender exited a back room with a handgun and fired two shots directly at the officers. The three officers, without personal regard for their own safety, then grabbed the female victim by the hand, dragging her into the hallway, where Sgt. Hodges immediately pulled her down the hall safely to awaiting paramedics.

"Sgt. Hodges then set up a perimeter, notified SWAT and directed other responding officers to evacuate the neighboring apartments. After handing off the victim to Sgt. Hodges, Officer Lopez took a position outside the apartment door, where he began a dialogue with the offender, pleading with him to surrender, while at the same time drawing his attention away from the second gunshot victim, who was still lying on the floor.

"Officer Lopez used great restraint in not re-entering the apartment and risking a second shooting encounter. Instead, he began speaking calmly with the offender for approximately 40 minutes. Officer Lopez continued his dialogue until the arrival of Special Weapons and Tactics Officer Orlando Sanchez, who then took over the dialogue with the offender. For another hour, Officer Sanchez patiently spoke to the offender and on multiple occasions was close to getting him to surrender peacefully. 

"Finally, Officer Sanchez convinced the offender to come to the front room area in view of officers. The offender, who still had his handgun in his hand, then raised the gun and pointed it at Officer Sanchez who in return fatally shot the offender.

"The officers then entered the apartment, rescued the second shooting victim and provided medical aid to the offender. Both gunshot victims, although seriously wounded, subsequently survived their injuries from the incident.

"Each of our awardees demonstrated in great degree, acts of selflessness, personal courage and devotion to duty. Their teamwork, bravery, and sound tactics led to the rescue of two innocent victims from an extremely deadly situation and an armed offender was stopped before being able to cause further harm."

Congratulations to Officers Ivan Lopez, Joseph Shanahan, Martin Kirkel, Orlando Sanchez and Sergeant Daniel Hodges. (Pictured above with 8th District Commander Bryan Spreyne.)