Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Editor's note: We respect your opinion and are privileged to share it via this website. All letters to the editor will be reviewed before being posted. We do allow anonymous comments, yet we will not allow the Southwest Chicago Post to serve as a forum for bigotry of any kind. We also will not allow personal attacks against anyone, including elected officials and other public figures. On this site, all of us need to keep our tone respectful and our criticisms constructive. That's important as we work together to build better Southwest Side neighborhoods for all. So please join the conversation by sending your letter to editor@swchicagopost.com.

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Dear Editor,

As a new, first-time homeowner in the neighborhood (my husband and I are 28), I like reading your crime reports because I like to know what's going on. But I wonder if it is appropriate for you to include the swear words that the criminals say to the cops? It doesn't belong in a family newspaper. Besides, you may have senior citizens reading.

Ashley Langmulder
Garfield Ridge

Editor's reply: Thanks for the feedback. First, while the Southwest Chicago Post is certainly a respectable news service, we would not describe ourselves as a family newspaper---at least in the sense of catering to people of all ages. We don't. We are designed to be a neighborhood news service for adults interested in being better informed and actively engaged (in many ways) in making our Southwest Side neighborhoods better and safer. 

Second, as we have said before, "We believe that reporting crime news is not some dry academic exercise. Crime is a very real, flesh-and-blood thing---with real victims and perpetrators, real damage to property and/or lives, and so forth. So yeah, we'll run photos, just as we include the salty language we sometimes find in the narratives of CPD incident reports. We want to give you the news as accurately as we can---so you can get the best possible idea of what went on." Plus, frankly we think it's a good idea if the law-abiding majority has an inkling of some of the abuse that police and other law enforcement (as well as business owners who serve the public) have to put up with from some of the low-lifes they encounter on a regular basis. 

Third, we're not overly concerned about offending the ears of the elderly, Ashley. Granted, they come from a more genteel generation; but rest assured, they've heard more curse words in their time than you have in your 28 years.

So thanks for reading, and welcome to the neighborhood!

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Keep up the good work.  Please continue to keep us all informed of the thugs that run amok in our communities. Your news stories are helping us prevent becoming victims of crimes.  Keep pointing the thugs out. Keep informing us of their appearance. Keep informing us of their modus operandi. Keep informing us of the kind of cars they drive. Keep informing us how they dress. Keep informing us of their ethnicity. Keep informing us of the hours they keep. Keep informing us of their body ornamentation such as tattoos and piercings. And, most of all, once again, keep up the good work. It's about time somebody took the time to inform the entire Southwest Side as to what is going on and who is responsible for it. 

Jim Mazenis
President, West Elsdon Civic Association

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I think it would be useful if you included some of these articles from the Better Business Bureau on your website. I notice the yellow paper prints them. It's good to know what scams are out there.

Jen Kaczynski
Garfield Ridge

Editor's reply: Thanks for writing. We definitely agree about the importance of consumer awareness. And we truly want to trust the Better Business Bureau, which for the most part has a long and proud history of consumer advocacy and ethics. But the questions raised in 2010 have left a bad taste in our mouths (as was the case for millions of other people), and we are still watching and waiting for the BBB to rebuild and re-earn trust. They appear to be attempting to do that; but until we have full confidence in them, we will most likely steer clear of their press releases.

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  1. I am sorry but I do not what they are talking about ?

  2. my company had ONE consumer complaint, it was unfounded from day one, to this day my company only has an A- rating with the BBB, the reason for the minus? I do not pay the $350. per year to be accredited by the BBB, there are companies that are accredited by the BBB that have an A + rating and have numerous consumer complaints about them, the BBB is a FOR PROFIT COMPANY that is unfair to the good businesses that refuse to pay to have an A + rating

  3. Live and learn! I too had not heard this about the BBB, so I understand why this paper would not want to include their input until....thanks, Chuck for clarifying.

    As to Jim's comments-- totally in agreeance! Keep on keeping on with your information-- the all of it!

    And Ashley...if the editor had not mentioned it, I was gonna say...elders have gotten there because they're survivors (if a few obscenities would knock them over, most of them would be long gone because many of them use the very same obscenities you are worried would hurt their hearing aides) ;~} I jest of course (as I'm considered an elder myself so I can laugh) but, Ashley, we are 'southsiders' (and you now too)-- the so-called salt-of-the-earth
    types-- many of whose family predecessors helped build Chicago--figuratively, and often literally. Who grew up in families where 'cuss words' were as common as kraut and streudel, kapusta n kielbasa, minestrone n' mostacholli....

    Not that obscenities are necessary or welcome additions to our community conversation. But if they are a 'real-time' exchange reported on by a news agency, by all means include 'em (this world is far too virtual already without 'editing the news to be politically-correct or non-offensive). It happened to have happened, and is just 'what is'.

    But, again (as the editor put it): %$#@*^@ it, Ashley,'Welcome to the neighborhood'! (well, he didn't QUITE put it that way...) ;~} LOL