Friday, January 29, 2016

Letters to the Editor

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With the manner in which all of the stories about police shooting incidents  are being reported and rehashed, the effect on the quality of service being rendered can not in any manner be seen as being a positive. Having to perform even what would be considered to be everyday, routine and elementary of functions takes on a whole aura of seriousness when the scrutiny by all is intensified to  approximate that of being under a microscope.

As a result, cops throughout the city and suburbs are bound to be overcautious and less proactive in a typical daily tour of duty. And what would be the inevitable result? No doubt the streets will be a little less safe than before. Ironically, those high-crime communities, who need the police presence the most, will suffer the greatest.

The situation has gotten to the point where the Chicago Police Department will have to change its long-standing slogan that appears on the doors of every marked vehicle. Instead of the familiar: "We Serve and Protect", we're suggesting a change to: "We Take Reports."


John T. "Red" Ryan
Garfield Ridge      

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I see that you promoted the St. Joseph School open house on your Facebook page, but I see nothing about my parish, St. Dan's. Why are you playing favorites?


Editor's reply: No favorites at all. We gladly give free plugs to local schools that ask for it. St. Joe's asked, so we did. St. Dan's has not asked, so we haven't. It's that simple, really.

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Thank you for reporting on the Garfield Ridge Neighborhood Watch's plans for 2016. I agree with them that they should get back to basics. I think their meetings should be more about reporting exactly what's going on in the neighborhood, in terms of crime, and what they are doing about it, rather than spending time and energy on this guest speaker or that politician who's only going to come to the meeting and b.s. us anyway.


Editor's reply: Some guest speakers at past GRNW meetings have been well received because they provide useful and even potentially life-saving information. Examples would be CPD Officers Mark Eldridge and Chris Barajas, who offered solid advice about crime prevention, and OEMC official Melana Gonzales Raehl, who offered some outstanding advice on how to make an effective call to 911.

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