Saturday, November 12, 2016

Kennedy HS to Stage 'The Outsiders'

The Kennedy High School Drama Club will present the play
"The Outsiders" for a three-night run: Wednesday, Nov. 16 through Friday, Nov. 18 at the school, 56th and Narragansett

The play is about young people who try to remain hopeful in the midst of struggle. It is a stage adaptation of S.E. Hinton's famous novel of the same name.

It is seen through the eyes of young Ponyboy, a greaser on the wrong side of life, caught up in territorial battles between the have-it-made rich kids—the Socs—and her tough, underprivileged "greaser" family and friends. While the Socs appear to have everything, the only thing a Greaser has is his/her friends. As these young people try to find themselves and each other, the sadness of their challenging lives begins to reach them, and their battles and relationships reach a sorrowful resolution.

Through it all, Ponyboy struggles to remain strong, in part due to the advice of her friends, "When you're a kid everything's new, dawn. It's just when you get used to everything that it's day. Like the way you dig sunsets, Pony. That's gold. Keep it that way. It's a good way to be."

The production depicts scenes of violence and is suitable for an audience age 12 and up.

Tickets are $7 at the door, $5 in advance. Tickets may be purchased by emailing

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