Sunday, March 4, 2018

Seek Info on Theft from Supermercado in Archer Heights

Supermercado Rivera,4334 W. 51st St., one of the Southwest Side's most reputable, responsible, family-owned and operated businesses is going public with video footage of a theft that occurred at 7:27 p.m. Sunday, February 25--in the hope that someone will recognize the thief and call police.

In the video, released to Telemundo Chicago, store surveillance footage shows two women who appear to be customers walking in the store. One woman falls, while the other calls for help.

When employees rush to assist the fallen woman, a third woman is seen stealing merchandise (said to be energy drinks and cleaning products).

Shortly after, the three women are seen leaving the store together and getting into a light-colored Chrysler minivan.

Here is a link to the video:

Whether the first woman truly fell on accident--or deliberately to create a diversion--remains an open question, as does whether the first two women are accomplices of the third woman. But clearly, they were all together.

If you have any useful information to share about the crime, please contact police 

For years, Supermercado Rivera has been a clean, bright
store with top-quality meats, poultry, produce and other items. They are independent, locally owned and employ local men and women.

Let's all show our support for them. Stop by in the days ahead and do some shopping. We are. :-)

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