Saturday, April 18, 2020

Garfield Ridge Fourth Grader Uses His Tech Skills to Help First Responders

By Joan Hadac
Editor and Publisher
Southwest Chicago Post

Most news stories about 10-year-old kids who want to do a
Giovanni Alonzo
good deed for first responders seem to involve lemonade stands, home-baked cookies or something similarly sweet.

But Giovanni Alonzo is not your average 10-year-old.

A fourth grader at Byrne School, Gio recently took his love of computers and found a way to help those serving on the front lines.

His mom, Desiree, said Gio kept asking his parents how he could help. “That’s how we raised him, to help out,” she told me in a conversation we had.

Gio and his dad, John, found a program online that would enable Gio to make mask bands that would take the pressure off the ears when individuals wear facemasks. Using a 3D computer, it took Gio four hours to make seven bands. 

“That’s OK. It kept him busy,” Desiree said. 

On the back of the bands are the words, Hero at Work.

Gio kept at it and made dozens of bands. Then he donated 50 of them to the Chicago Lawn (8th) District Police. Next time around he wants to make bands and hand them out to doctors, nurses and others who work directly with pandemic patients. 

While he misses his teachers and friends at Byrne, Gio is
happiest behind the computer, according to his mom. Gio is very interested in game coding and 3D graphics. Through that, his interest in 3D printing grew. 

Desiree said of Gio, “He likes getting involved. We explained to him that people are working hard to keep us safe and we have to help them. That’s what he was trying to do.”

A mask band in action.
Keep up the good work, Gio! You make us all proud.

And a note of thanks from me to Al Cacciottolo, for letting me know about this—yet another reason why Clearing and Garfield Ridge are such great places to live.

Gio hands his donation to CPD Lt. Nicole Clark at the 8th District station.

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