Wednesday, August 24, 2022

A Good Woman From the Neighborhood Needs a Boost. Will You Please Help?

By Joan Hadac
Editor and Publisher
Southwest Chicago Post

If you attended Kennedy High School in the early 1980s (especially if you were class of ’85), you may recall Christina Sarelli as a classmate--possibly from the Crusaders volleyball team or from the Drama Club.
Chris (Sarelli) Thompson

Her sister, Angelina (Sarelli) Malone, describes Chris as “one of the most kind, thoughtful, friendly, faithful people you will ever meet…she has spent her life spreading cheer and lending a hand to many. She has put others before herself throughout her life, and she is a simple person, requiring only love from family and friends.”

Well, years later, Chris (Sarelli) Thompson is a mom and even a grandma. She works as a professional photographer with her sister's business, Photography by Angel.

But in recent months, as Angelina wrote, “Chris was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma and is currently going through chemotherapy. After chemotherapy she will need to have surgery, radiation and hormonal therapy. She has a great team of doctors, a very faithful, caring husband and a large support group of family and friends who love her very much.

“Unfortunately, all the love in the world will not be able to replace the lost wages that are needed, to not only pay for day to day living expenses, but also help cover all of the medical expenses that insurance simply will not cover.”

But a GoFundMe goal of $10,000 is only a third of the way there.

Chris is going through some agony right now; and trooper that she is, a recent comment from her only hints at that: “I'm in a storm in my life right now; but from every storm comes new growth, and I will be back stronger and better than ever.”

Chris is a good woman from the neighborhood. She needs our help. Will you please join me in making a donation today? Visit and please give generously.

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