Saturday, August 18, 2012

Trial Date Set for Scottsdale Gangbanger Charged With Beating Woman on Pulaski

A trial date has been set for a 22-year-old Scottsdale gangbanger charged with misdemeanor battery and resisting arrest in connection with the July 31 beating of a woman on a sidewalk near 84th and Pulaski. (Incident details below.)

Frank Kiriakakis Jr.
Frank Kiriakakis Jr. is scheduled to stand trial in Cook County Circuit Court First Municipal District Branch 34, 151 West 51st Street, on Monday, October 15---five days after his 23rd birthday.

The victim of the beating, still reportedly recovering from her injuries, was in court on Friday, accompanied by two men and supported by nine men and women volunteers from the Chicago Police Department Eighth District Court Advocacy Program.

When Kiriakakis' case was called, the advocates stood up with the victim. All were in the front row, directly in front of Judge Tommy Brewer.

After the trial date was set, Kirkiakakis, wearing olive green prisoner garb, was led back to the lock-up. As he walked past the front row, he looked in the general direction of the victim, smirked and said something unintelligible. It was not clear whether he was attempting to say something to the victim or communicate with his grandmother, seated in the second row. He was immediately told to keep his mouth shut by the Cook County Sheriff's officers leading him away.

Nicholas Kiriakakis
In an unrelated court action on Friday, Kiriakakis and his brother, 20-year-old Nicholas Kiriakakis, were acquitted of reckless conduct charges in connection with an incident near 58th and Fairfield, in which the brothers were allegedly taunting passing motorists by flashing gang signs and shouting a gang slogan. Judge Brewer chided the prosecution for what he said was a weak case that did not meet the definition of reckless conduct.
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Original story posted on August 6:
An off-duty Chicago Fire Department captain chased, tackled and subdued a 22-year-old admitted gangbanger who allegedly had just attacked a woman on a sidewalk near 84th and Pulaski at 6:18 p.m. Tuesday, July 31.

The victim, a 27-year-old Palos Hills woman, had just finished work for the day at a nearby chiropractor's office and was walking on the sidewalk. She told police she saw the alleged offender, Scottsdale resident Frank Kiriakakis Jr., walking down the street and yelling into a cell phone.

Kiriakakis reportedly punched the victim in the head, grabbed her neck with both hands and body-slammed her to the concrete. The victim later told police she does not know Kiriakakis and had no idea why he attacked her.

As the victim lay injured, Kiriakakis fled. The off-duty captain, a 52-year-old man, chased him down, tackled him and held him as others on the street called 911 and the Chicago Fire Department station at 8026 South Kedzie.

CFD staff responded to assist their comrade and care for the victim. Police arrived and arrested Kiriakakis. They said that he resisted arrest before being brought under control. Later, at the Eighth District Station, Kiriakakis claimed he was having difficulty breathing. He was transported to Holy Cross Hospital.

The victim was transported by CFD ambulance to Christ Hospital, where she was treated for severe head, neck and back pain.

Kiriakakis was charged with one misdemeanor count of battery and one misdemeanor count of resisting/obstructing a police officer.

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