Friday, December 21, 2012

Fixing Computers, Feeding the Hungry

Showing just some of the over 200 items of non-perishable food he has collected in recent days is Justin Cardoza, founder and owner of Computer Prodigies, 5032 South Archer, a young and rapidly growing computer repair (and other services) company.

As part of the company's commitment to helping those in need, Computer Prodigies is hosting its Second Annual Food Drive through December 24. All those who donate a food item (or more) will save $10 on any computer service of $65 and over; $5 on any service less than $65. (Excludes the cost of parts.)

All donations will be taken to the Chicago Food Depository. Whether you need computer service done or not, Cardoza says he welcomes "anyone and everyone to donate at our office...during our office hours." The company collected 133 pounds of food last year, and their goal this year is 250 pounds.

Cardoza notes that shortly after the Southwest Chicago Post snapped this photo Friday  afternoon, a Computer Prodigies customer "...was trying to do a food drive of her own to bring it all over here to my shop---but I didn't know how much exactly. They came through today with about seven bags of food and a box of cans. I will be posting a photo up on my page soon. They definitely helped out a lot in this food drive, along with the Southwest Chicago Post and everyone else who donated; so thank you again."

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