Thursday, January 23, 2014

Garfield Ridge Chamber of Commerce Members Offering Great Coupon Deals

Our friends at the Garfield Ridge Chamber of Commerce have sent us this news release:

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The Garfield Ridge Chamber of Commerce has pulled together coupons from various local businesses as part of our Shop Local campaign.

Why Shop Local?

When you spend money in your community, it helps to support your local school, social services, libraries and more. Locally-owned businesses return about 80 percent of each dollar back into the community. Local businesses hire local employees, pay city taxes, and purchase supplies and services from other locally independent companies.
As business owners, we understand the importance of stretching the value of a dollar and have put together a coupon flyer for our community residents and visitors. These coupons offer various discounts from a wide range of businesses in the area. Flyers were distributed through the local grade schools in the Clearing and Garfield Ridge area.

Coupons are also available at the following libraries, free of charge: Garfield Ridge Library at Archer/Narragansett, Clearing Library at 63rd Place/Narragansett and Archer Heights Library at 5055 S Archer.
There are more than 25 businesses featured in the coupon flyer. The coupon flyer can also be picked up at Alderman Quinn's office at 6014 South Central or Alderman Zalewski's office at 6247 South Archer. Local banks have copies for free at First Personal Bank, MB Financial Bank and Archer Bank (6859 West Archer).

You may also contact the Garfield Ridge Chamber of Commerce office at 6165 S Archer to pick up your free copy.

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Or you may simply click on the image below to get the coupons on your screen.

As a public service, we at the Southwest Chicago Post are posting the coupons, at no charge to the Garfield Ridge Chamber of Commerce. Rest assured that no local newspaper or online news service supports our local business community more than we do!

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