Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Help Patrick Celebrate His Birthday!

By Joan Hadac
Patrick Krueger, about to turn 25 years old.

Editor and Publisher
Southwest Chicago Post

Strap on your favorite party hat and join the parade honoring Garfield Ridge resident Patrick Krueger’s 25th birthday at 7 p.m. Friday, August 21.

Participants will line up at Byrne School, 5329 S. Oak Park. The parade will kick off at 7:15 p.m.

How this all came about: Patrick's sister-in-law, Clearing resident Christina Padilla, noted that Patrick was very excited at her son’s 13th birthday parade earlier this year.

Patrick kept saying that he wanted a parade for his birthday. 

Christina and her husband, Wayne Krueger (Patrick’s older brother) decided to give Patrick a birthday parade of his own. 

To keep it a surprise, Christina told Patrick it wasn’t possible, since everything was opening up again. 

Then Geno Randazzo of All Exterior Contractors got wind of it. He reached out to Christina (a satisfied All Exterior customer and a Facebook friend) to offer any help he could give.

Geno, who has donated his time, talent and $$$ to organize any number of birthday parades and other community-fun events in recent years, got busy and is decorating the front of Patrick's home, arranging for a special appearance by Margaret's Lemonade Stand in front of Patrick's house, getting a hot dog cart to hand out free hot dogs, arranging a police escort for the parade, a fire engine, a costumed character from the movies, and more.


So, get in your car, minivan, van, SUV, pickup truck, helicopter or spaceship---and then join the parade! Honk your horn in honor of Patrick’s 25th birthday.

And get to the staging area early (maybe even before 7 p.m.), because everyone will be given a birthday card to sign for Patrick.

But ssssssshhhhh! It's supposed to be a surprise!

Patrick and his whole family will be grateful for your participation. There even may be cupcakes.

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