Monday, June 11, 2012

Crime News Update

Editor's note: The crime news reported by the Southwest Chicago Post---taken directly from Chicago Police Department incident reports---is not by any means an exhaustive catalogue of all crime reported in the Chicago Lawn (8th) District. For example, it typically does not include news of crimes committed in the eastern and southern sectors of the district---because the Southwest Chicago Post's coverage area is primarily the neighborhoods that border Midway Airport and secondarily because including the relatively large volume of crime news from elsewhere in the district would be a logistical challenge. We make this note to offer a little helpful perspective and remind everyone that while crime is definitely a concern in all parts of the district (as it always has been), crime remains relatively low overall in Sector 1. May all of us work together diligently to keep it that way. May all of us also remember that a person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

* * *

A 29-year-old Englewood man has been accused of aggravated robbery in connection with an incident that occurred at 4:01 a.m. Saturday, June 9 at the Aloha Motel, 8515 South Cicero.
Terry Edwards
According to police, Terry Edwards is scheduled to appear in Cook County Circuit Court Branch 48-4, 155 West 51st Street, on Friday, June 15

A 21-year-old prostitute from Wausau, Wisconsin, while staying at the motel for a couple of days, became acquainted with Edwards' 29-year-old girlfriend, also a prostitute at the motel. She invited Edwards' girlfriend to hang out with her in her room. A short time later, Edwards allegedly burst into the room, his face partially covered by a white t-shirt. He then allegedly punched the victim in the arm, threw her on the bed, jumped on top of her, fondled her breasts and demanded that she hand over all her money---or he would rape her and shoot her to death.

The victim said she handed over $90 cash to Edwards, and then the two left the room to return to their room.

The victim contacted the motel manager and police. Both Chicago and Burbank police were dispatched to the scene. According to police, Edwards and his girlfriend refused to let them in their room; so police obtained a key and consent to enter from the motel manager on duty. Edwards and his girlfriend still attempted to block the door, police said, but they gained access and arrested Edwards. Neither a weapon nor the $90 allegedly stolen was found by police.

* * *

A 19-year-old West Lawn woman was a victim of a strong-arm robbery on the CTA Orange Line at 2:15 p.m. Saturday, June 9.

According to the woman, she was on the train when a man approached her, punched her in the chest, stole her cell phone and CTA monthly pass, and then got off at the Kedzie Avenue stop and fled.

She described the robber as a black man, 23 years old, 5'8 and 160 pounds, brown eyes, short black hair, dark complexion, and wearing a red plaid shirt and jeans.

* * *

Burglars entered an unlocked side window of an apartment near 63rd and Kostner and stole a TV set. The crime was discovered by the victim, a 51-year-old man, when he came from work at 11:50 p.m. Saturday, June 9.

* * *

Burglars removed a window air conditioner from a back window of a home near 57th Place and Lawndale and stole a laptop computer, assorted jewelry and $400 cash.

The crime was discovered by the victim, a 36-year-old man, at noon Thursday, June 8.

Police investigating the crime were told by neighbors that they had earlier seen two white Hispanic men, about 30 years old, knocking on doors in the area.

* * *

Want to work directly with Chicago Police to prevent crime in your neighborhood? If you live in Beat 812 (see map above), come to the Clearing Branch Library at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 13 and attend your monthly CAPS meeting. If you live in Beat 814, come to Vittum Park at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, June 14. Hear updates on crime in your neighborhood and learn how you can work with neighbors and police to make the community safer and better for all.

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