Sunday, March 10, 2013

Also at the CAPS Beat 834 Meeting

Besides discussion of the February 23 criminal mob action by teens around Ford City, there were other items brought up at the CAPS Beat 834 meeting held Thursday, March 7 at Bogan High School.

** As he typically does at all CAPS meetings, Sergeant Allen Cain pounded home points about crime prevention, especially senior citizens falling prey to con artists. "Now this case I'm going to talk about is classified as a robbery; but it's also sort of like what we sometimes call a gypsy scam," Cain said as he described the February 7 beating and strong-arm robbery of an 83-year-old Ashburn man that started with the criminal ringing the victim's doorbell with a story of deception. (Details in the February 10 SWCP Crime News Update.) "I preach this at each and every (CAPS) meeting," Cain said. "I don't care what they're knocking on your door about. Do. Not. Answer. That. Door."

** Cain also described a scam in which a man "with nothing more than an orange vest and a clipboard" fleeced a Scottsdale woman of $100 cash after impersonating a city worker asking if she wanted her tree trimmed.

** It was mentioned that two Scottsdale men charged with burglary (Details in the January 4 SWCP.) will next be in criminal court (26th and California, Room 301) on Thursday, March 14. All residents of Beat 834 (as well as anyone else living in the Eighth District) are encouraged to show up to stand with the volunteer court advocates, demand justice from the court and show solidarity with the victims, who were at the CAPS Beat 834 meeting and gave a from-the-heart venting of their frustration with the situation. Eighth District Court Advocates leader Barbara Ziegler encouraged everyone interested in attending to contact her directly (at 708-269-8833 or via email at

** The next CAPS Beat 834 meeting is set for Thursday, April 4 at Bogan High School.

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