Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top Cop Offers Views on Crime Fighting at Garfield Ridge Neighborhood Watch Event

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy was the guest of honor at the Garfield Ridge Neighborhood Watch's most recent meeting, held Monday evening, July 15 on the basketball courts at Normandy Park.

McCarthy offered a range of observations about crime, both citywide and in Garfield Ridge.
A SWCP camera captures McCarthy's comments.

Among other things, he complained that the news media in the city often treat him unfairly and take his words out of context and/or twist what he says.

Is he right or wrong about that? You decide.

That said, here's something you won't get from the downtown news media: the full 27 minutes of his remarks, unedited and in context.

Coming later: other highlights from the GRNW meeting.

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  1. There's no other comments?...That's impossible!

    1. Yours is the only one here. Two on the Facebook page.

  2. I am proud of our community and I LOVE being a nosy neighbor!!

  3. Thank you to the real police that care about our area. The supt just does what his boss tells him to say and do. Thank God we still have many police,buth current and retired livimg here.

    We should all salute the patrol officers that give their all. Thank them when you see them. it goes a long way. Us retired guys got your back if needed.

  4. Typical, McCarthy pushing whatever Rham tells him to..."the solution to gun violence is not more guns..." and "how many people get killed with their own guns.." - mentioning the Sandy Hook killer's mother. How disgusting. She was a legal gun owner. Her son was a maniacal killer. She was a victim, not a contributor to that massacre. The circular logic that somehow Sandy Hook happened because the killer's mother was a legal gun owner is offensive and ridiculous. If anything thinks that someone hell-bent on killing people would NOT have done so if he had to go out and get his own gun, they're as naive as McCarthy. The Sandy Hook mom's only fault was in not keeping her guns inaccessible to her kid that she knew was nuts. Shame on her for that. Well, she paid that price. But regardless, I think it's fair to say that her psychopath of a son was going on a killing spree either way.

    And how about his reference to the legal gun-owning homeowner that is a victim of a burglary and then their guns magically wind up in the hands of a bad guy? Another completely asinine statement. By that logic, all police officers (there are about 11,500 CPD in Chicago alone - 11,500 houses with guns in them - not to mention several thousand suburban and County officers living in the city) should not be allowed to bring their guns home from work. Because their houses are just as prone to burglary as any other legal citizen's. How about the legally gun-owning citizen who SAVES THEIR FAMILY'S LIFE by stopping a home invasion/burglary - because they are able to defend their home? No mention of that? What about the victims of burglary that are seriously injured or killed because they have no adequate defense against a burglar? They shouldn't have a right to protect themselves - because if their home is burglarized when they aren't home, a bad guy might get their guns? I'm sorry, the 911 response time, no matter the valiant the efforts by responding officers, will just never be fast enough when there is someone breaking into your house. It's just not possible. The sheep that listened to McCarthy's response should be ashamed of themselves. Store your guns in a safe that is bolted to the floor. I assure you, a burglar would never get your guns, and would much prefer to walk out with the easy pickins like flat-screen tv's, computers, jewelry, etc. Things they can carry out quietly and quickly. It is a noise-making, time consuming, labor intensive effort to break into a properly installed gun safe. And nearly impossible to carry out. McCarthy should be advocating proper storage of guns by law-abiding citizens - not trying to take away their second amendment rights - AS PROVEN BY THE RECENTLY PASSED CONCEALED CARRY LAW FOR THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. 49 other states allow concealed carry. None of them are the wild-west. The Supreme Court figured out what McCarthy apparently can't fathom.

  5. The "broken windows" approach was also contradictory to his own statements. So you're saying you have to fix all of the little things, right after you say you're not going to answer calls from parents about their kids? Which one is it? Maybe the police speaking to kids about down-the-road consequences for poor behavior is the kind of preventative measure to steer a kid onto the right path. Isn't that "community policing?" Maybe a beat 811 cop could get his/her Portillo's to go for once, and eat it at a neighborhood park with the kids, answering their questions and giving them words of wisdom. That's something you'll NEVER see, despite the 10 squads parked there at once on any given afternoon or evening. Hint: some cops, at some police departments DO THIS. AND IT WORKS.

    And CPD is such a victim because the newspapers chose to cover sensational, often negative stories. Well, that's what sells newspapers, like it or not. Who cares? Do your job regardless. Stop focusing on the media and playing into their game. I've never heard a Supt. cry so much.

  6. Do you do your job at lunch? Think not.