Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Decoration Winners Named by Garfield Ridge Neighborhood Watch

The best Christmas decorations in police Beat 811 (central and western Garfield Ridge), at least by the reckoning of the Garfield Ridge Neighborhood Watch, were announced today.

The winners are the homes at 5200 South Nottingham, 5300 South Meade, and 5858 South Narragansett.

5200 South Nottingham (photo courtesy of the GRNW)

5300 South Meade (photo courtesy of the GRNW)

5858 South Narragansett (photo courtesy of the GRNW)

The GRNW also saluted Peaches Boutique as the best dressed business of the season. No Christmas-themed photo of Peaches was released, but a hint of Peaches's holiday style was posted earlier this month on the Peaches Facebook page

Early Saturday evening, GRNW members on a decorated vintage firetruck delivered prizes to the three winning homes. Peaches will receive an award certificate from the group.

Congratulations to all the winners!

(pasted below is the original story about the contest, published in the Southwest Chicago Post last month)


Best Christmas Decorations to Be Hailed By Garfield Ridge Neighborhood Watch

As members of the Garfield Ridge Neighborhood Watch make their usual
rounds this Christmas season in police Beat 811 (Garfield Ridge, west of Central Avenue), they will be looking for more than the usual crime-related concerns---they will be looking for the best holiday decorations.

“One way to fight crime is to promote neighborhood pride and beautification,” said GRNW President Al Cacciottolo. “We have done exactly that in the past year, and this Christmas decoration contest is a continuation of that.”

From now until Christmas Day, GRNW members on patrol will identify the “best dressed” homes and businesses in Beat 811, take photos and then vote among themselves to determine the top decorations.

Three winners will be chosen, and prizes will be awarded shortly after Christmas.

The contest is sponsored in part by Chicago Glass Blocks and Best Home Insulation, two local, family-owned companies saluted earlier this year by the GRNW for their ongoing role in improving the beauty, comfort and value of Garfield Ridge homes and businesses.

“Garfield Ridge is one of the best places in all of Chicago to live, work and raise a family,” stated Carol Basic, owner of Chicago Glass Blocks. “We salute the neighborhood watch for launching this fun Christmas contest, and we look forward to seeing the winners.”

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