Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cacciottolo Fields Range of Questions at Meeting of Garfield Ridge Civic League

The featured speaker at the March meeting of the Garfield
Cacciottolo (center), and GRCL officers.
Ridge Civic League was Al Cacciottolo, 23rd Ward superintendent for the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation.

He came to talk about the ins and outs of the city's snow plowing operation, as it applies to the 23rd Ward---but not surprisingly, the 15 or so people in attendance had questions about a range of issues outside the scope of what Streets and San does.

Cacciottolo, a Garfield Ridge resident and businessman, as well as one of Chicago's most visible and effective citizen crime fighters (as president of the Garfield Ridge Neighborhood Watch), was up to the task, talking about potholes, rats, garbage carts, broken water pipes, tree trimming and removal, airport-related noise abatement, the future of the land at 56th and Narragansett, the future of the land that used to be the site of the LeClaire Courts public housing project, and more.

Rough-cut video--32 minutes' worth--below.

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  1. if CDOT sent out the milling truck on Archer at Harlem and scrapped the street that would be way better than what is there now, then when the hot patch becomes available they can pave it, much better with the rough grooved surface than the bumpy road that is there now