Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Archer Heights Civic Association Salutes 5 Great Young People of the Community

Just sharing a press release from our friends at the Archer Heights Civic Association:

Every year the Archer Heights Civic Association (AHCA)  presents a Junior Citizen Award to one student of the eighth grade graduating class at each of the five grammar schools located in Archer Heights – St. Bruno, Edwards, St. Richard, Pfc Omar Torres, and Spc Daniel Zizumbo - in recognition of outstanding school spirit and school/community/church participation.

It is our civic association’s hope that by presenting this award we not only thank a student for being involved in the community and their respective school, but also to encourage all graduates to become actively involved in our community of Archer heights or whatever community the student will ultimately reside in.

The awards were presented at the graduation ceremonies of each school and the recipients were acknowledged at the December 10th meeting of the AHCA.

Pictured from left to right are:

Stanley Lihosit – AHCA Executive Director, SPC Daniel Zizumbo School winner Adrian Ortiz and his father Oscar and sister Sofia, Pfc Omar Torres School winner Alicia Pimentel and her parents Nancy and Carmelo, St. Bruno School winner Alexander Rosado and his parents Elizabeth and Javiar, Edwards School winner Rene Valtierra and his mother Lorraine, St. Richard School winner JuanCarlos Paez and his father Juan, and AHCA President Thomas S. Baliga.

Photo by Karen Duddleston

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