Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kennedy Crushes Little Village at Homecoming; Big Future Predicted

By Tim Hadac
Managing Editor
Southwest Chicago Post

When the National Anthem was played before Kennedy High School's homecoming football game at Rockne Stadium on Friday, October 6, almost every player on the opposing Little Village High School team took a knee in protest.

By game's end, Little Village was still on its knees, figuratively speaking, after getting crushed by the Crusaders, 50-18.

Anthony Church led the Kennedy (4-3, 2-0) defense with a pair of interception returns, totaling 135 yards.

The end zone was familiar territory for star running back Alonzo Diaz, as the senior co-captain scored three touchdowns--two rushing from scrimmage and the third a thrilling kick return to start the game. 

“My athletes came to play football and swarmed like hornets on defense, bringing in multiple fumbles and a 100-yard interception return,” said Kennedy coach Dawid Łowisz. “Our offense put down over 300 yards. If we win the next two games, which I am banking on, we will be conference champions.

"Kennedy football is competitive, will always be and is back,"  Łowisz added. "We’re here to stay. My goal is to make this a powerhouse in the years to come.”

After their triumph, the team was saluted by parents and other fans back at Kennedy's parking lot at 56th and Narragansett. Players enjoyed pizza donated by Jimmy and Tommy Pieprzyca, owners of the newly opened Danny's Neighborhood Pub, Archer and Menard.

"Those guys at Danny's were very good to our team, donating pizzas on a busy Friday night," said Erica Leal, a team parent. "The homecoming victory was great, and the pizza was a nice reward."

Little Village players kneel in protest during the National Anthem.
Kennedy players stand during the National Anthem.
With blockers helping clear a path, Alonzo Diaz rolls for another gain.
The Crusaders won the battle in the trenches.
Kennedy's next game is against Farragut on Thursday, October 12.
Beads of rain form on Crusaders' helmets, as they made the night a long one for Little Village.
The wet weather didn't dampen the enthusiasm of Kennedy fans.
Back at Kennedy, players were saluted by fans.

A moment of triumph, as the team feasts on pizza from Danny's.

# # #

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