Monday, April 2, 2018

Crime News Update

Editor's note: The crime news reported by the Southwest Chicago Post---taken directly from Chicago Police Department incident reports---is not by any means an exhaustive catalogue of all crime reported in the Chicago Lawn (8th) District. For example, it typically does not include news of crimes committed in the eastern and southern sectors of the district---because the Southwest Chicago Post's coverage area is primarily the neighborhoods that border Midway Airport and secondarily because including the relatively large volume of crime news from elsewhere in the district would be a logistical challenge. We make this note to offer a little helpful perspective and remind everyone that while crime is definitely a concern in all parts of the district (as it always has been), crime remains relatively low overall in the western section of the district. May all of us work together diligently to keep it that way. May all of us also remember that a person charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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Bust man on drugs, weapons charges after raid on home
A 20-year-old Chicago Lawn man was charged with four felony counts of drug possession,
Damian Lopez
as well as a weapons charge, after police--acting on a warrant--searched his home in the 7200 block of South Troy at about 6:45 p.m. Thursday, March 29. 
Damian Lopez was taken into custody after police reportedly found controlled substances, including suspect LSD, MDMA, Xanax, cannabis, as well as a loaded firearm. Police released a photo of what they reportedly recovered (below).


Charge man with armed robbery at drive-thru
A 21-year-old Gage Park man has been charged with armed robbery after he allegedly used
Joel A. Vasquez
a handgun to rob his cousin’s friend while in the drive-thru of the Wendy’s restaurant at 5729 S. Kedzie at about 11 p.m. Sunday, April 1. Joel A. Vasquez, of the 5600 block of South Spaulding, was arrested by police in the drive-thru at a bank in the 3500 block of West 63rd Street after the purported victim, a 27-year-old Gage Park man, said he bolted from Vasquez’s vehicle and ran across the street to Chicago Lawn (8th) District police headquarters to flag down an officer. He said that he picked up Vasquez at his home and drove him to Wendy’s, and that while in the drive-though at Wendy’s, Vasquez pulled a revolver and said, “You pay for the food. Then we’ll go to the bank to take out money.” The victim said he complied. Later at the bank, he said he saw an opportunity to bolt from the vehicle and did. Police said they found an iPhone on Vasquez that belonged to the victim. According to public records, Vasquez has arrests dating back to 2015 for theft, reckless conduct, criminal trespass to a vehicle and domestic battery.

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Want to work directly with Chicago Police to prevent crime in your neighborhood? If you live in Beats 815 or 821 (see map), come to St. Bruno School (south entrance), 4839 S. Harding, at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 4 and attend your monthly CAPS meeting. Hear updates on crime in your neighborhood and learn how you can work with neighbors and police to make the community safer and better for all.

Man stabbed, robbed on Cicero
A 37-year-old Humboldt Park man was stabbed and robbed as he sat in his car in a parking lot at 4731 S. Cicero at 12:30 a.m. Monday, April 2. The victim told police that he was sitting in his vehicle when a man and woman approached. The woman placed items on the hood of the car, while the man opened the passenger door, pulled a knife and demanded his valuables. When the victim resisted, a struggle ensued and he was stabbed in the upper right arm. The robbers stole his wallet, which the victim said contained about $200 cash. The bandits ran away across Cicero Avenue. They were described only as a black man and woman wearing dark-colored clothes.

Masked intruder flees when woman wakes up
A 60-year-old West Lawn woman reported that a masked intruder entered her home in the 4300 block of West Marquette Road, but left when she woke up and confronted the intruder, at about 8:17 p.m. Sunday, April 1. The victim told police that she woke up to see the intruder standing outside her bedroom door. When she asked, “What the hell are you doing here?” and then said, “Get out of here!” the intruder ran out of the home. The intruder was described only as a person about 5-foot-2, wearing a ski mask and a wool cap.

Walks to hospital after beating
A 41-year-old Vittum Park man reported that he was beaten and robbed as he walked down a sidewalk in the 6100 block of South California at 9:45 p.m. Saturday, March 31. The victim told police that three men punched him and went through his pockets, stealing $200 cash before fleeing. The victim said he then walked eight blocks south to Holy Cross Hospital, where he was treated for a cut above his right eye. Descriptions of the offenders were vague.

Leaves bar, punched and robbed
A 35-year-old Englewood man told police that he was knocked to the ground and robbed as he walked down a sidewalk at 4700 S. Kedzie at about 11 p.m. Saturday, March 31. The victim told police that he had just left a nearby bar when two men with black pistols walked up, knocked him down, stole his wallet and fled. He claimed his wallet contained about $500 cash. A friend drove him home, where he called for an ambulance. He was taken to Holy Cross Hospital and treated. The robbers were described only as black men.

Goateed man swipes surveillance camera
A 33-year-old Garfield Ridge man reported that someone stole a high-definition security camera off his garage in the 5100 block of South Massasoit at 6:50 a.m. Sunday, March 25. He reported the crime a week later and said that another one of his cameras recorded the incident. The offender was described as a black or Hispanic man age 45-55, about 5-foot-10 and 180 pounds, dark complexion and a “bald” hairstyle. He had a salt-and-pepper goatee and a birthmark on his face. He wore a gray, long-sleeve Chicago Bears shirt, blue jeans and brown shoes. He drove away in a silver 2007 Chrysler Town & Country minivan with a damaged rear panel cover.

Air compressor stolen from auto shop
Burglars entered Greg’s Auto Repair, 5724 S. Archer, and stole an air compressor. The crime was discovered by a 56-year-old employee at about 11 a.m. Thursday, March 29. Police were told that the shop’s front door was found open but not damaged.

Change taken from garage
Burglars forced open the service door of a garage in the 5000 block of South Lawler and stole assorted change from a vehicle parked inside. The crime was discovered by the victim, a 52-year-old woman, at 5:25 a.m. Friday, March 30.

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