Saturday, June 23, 2018

The bad guys? Ain't the cops!

Opinion by John T. "Red" Ryan

LEGENDARY ARE SUCH occurrences as the Nightly Visit by The Sandman to sleeping children, Holiday Nights making the rounds by Santa & the Easter Bunny, Resurrection Mary and even your Social Security Lock Box "Account." along with these widespread legend and myths, we'd like to add another. And that would be this persistent story about The Police being at odds with the Black Community and its law-abiding citizenry.  

WE ARE AGAIN reminded by the recent news stories about the National Football League's handling like a hot potato of the practice of some of its players to take a knee and disrespect the playing of the Star Spangled Banner and of our Flag, "Old Glory." In much the same manner as so many clueless, "white guilt ridden" organizations, the Commissioner's Office of the NFL came out with a policy which, we're sure, that would display a calming and neutral attitude toward any further escalation of hostilities. As is what seems to be the norm nationally, the commissioner feared taking a stand for all America; living in fear of offending the radicals who populate hate organizations, such as Black Lives Matter.

WHAT SEEMS TO be the widespread problem is the misconception that those who take the Knee for the National Anthem do represent the feelings of the rank and file among our our Black citizens. Furthermore, the cause of their protest, the perception that the Police of the nation are unjustifiably shooting Blacks at an incredibly high number and for no good reason. All right already, enough of this excessive use of words in this column. Let's get down to business and for once and for all time, slay this ugly lie.

WHAT HAS BEEN referred to as being a terrible rift between the Black Community and the Police Departments who serve them is a well funded and highly energized piece of public slander. Those who created it (and it's really nothing new) are the various members of the Radical Leftist Political movement. Over the years, they were called by various names. They were Anarchists, Communists, Students for a Democratic Society/Weathermen. Whatever the current label may be, they are all students and followers of such philosophical luminaries as Karl Marx & Frederick Engels (co-authors of  THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO), Giovanni Gentile (father of Fascism) and Chicago's own Saul Alinsky (RULES FOR RADICALS).

ADDED TO THE MIX and for reasons of numerical exploitation are the various "youths"; whom are in reality neither youthful nor very politically astute. Rather, they are members of the various permanent criminal class of Street Gangs. But one other element is much in evidence in this mixture. Is is the sympathies and even financial support given the movement by well meaning, though very misguided White citizens. Their support comes as a result of what has been commonly referred to as "White Guilt"; which seeks some remedy to compensate for injustices of bygone days. Radicals of the past, in particular the Communist Party, referred to these folks by a particular class name. It was "Useful Idiots !"  

THIS BRINGS US to the final and probably the most important ingredient in the whole mix. That would be the News Media. As we know the Yellow Journalism that passes for news coverage by all too many print and electronic purveyors of our daily whatevers are all too inclined to follow the axiom of "If it Bleeds, It Leads" in their selection of and time allotted to the stories of the day. And whether or not we like to admit it,  what we read in the Daily Paper or see on the Ten O'Clock News does reach or subconscious as fact and absolute reality. Any story seen the this prism of short items and sound bites are sure to have an effect on the general populace that seems to be totally on the up and up.

SO IN SUMMARY, if you want to check on the veracity of this schism between the Police and the Black Citizens of our country, try asking some of the law abiding residents of our Inner City Communities. They know just who the bad guys are, and they'll surely tell you it sure ain't the Cops !                    
~ ~ ~

John T. “Red” Ryan is a retired Chicago police officer and Garfield Ridge resident. 

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