Saturday, June 29, 2024

Joe’s Garage Brings Effective Car Care Right to Your Own Garage or Driveway

At-home auto services offer unprecedented convenience

By Tim Hadac
Managing Editor
Southwest Chicago Post

Recent years have seen a surge in home delivered, to-your-door services. The obvious examples are deliveries of groceries and restaurant meals.

Another service that has gained traction and continues to do so is at-home auto care.

“A lot of people—like senior citizens and others with limited mobility—find it difficult to bring their car to an auto repair shop, especially if they have to leave it,” said Garfield Ridge resident Joe Baluk, founder and owner of Joe’s Garage, a mobile auto service launched in 2020. “Others—especially people who work from home--find a service like this is not only convenient, but it saves them money because they can continue their work in their home office while I’m right outside, servicing their vehicle.”

His customers agree.

“Joe came to my house twice and changed the brakes for my wife’s vehicle, as well as my daughter’s,” Chris Blum said. “He is reasonable with prices and does a great job and is honest with his work. For example, my wife’s brakes were making a lot of noises, and Joe fixed them within a day, at no extra cost and within his availability. Joe is a stand-up guy and I recommend him.”

Baluk, a 2000 graduate of Kennedy High School, is a lifelong resident of the neighborhood.

Joe’s Garage offers services like oil changes and brake jobs, and more. Prices are competitive with brick-and-mortar car care shops. While based in Garfield Ridge, Joe’s Garage can and does service customers across the Southwest Side, as well as suburban areas.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call or text (773) 615-6495.

Joe Baluk and Chris Blum.

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