Sunday, June 28, 2015

Letters to the Editor

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It's great when one in the field of journalism gets to cover good news for a change, and you've done an excellent job in chronicling our community's proper, orderly and lawful jubilance in celebrating the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup win. 
Also, in consideration of the meteorological conditions of the evening, "Fans Flood Archer Avenue......"  was a most appropriate headline. In recognition, we're nominating the Southwest Chicago Post for a Pulitzer Prize in the category of headlines.
John T. "Red" Ryan
Garfield Ridge

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I saw how heavily you promoted the St. Joe's parish carnival, but I saw almost nothing about the St. Daniel the Prophet Summerfest. That's my parish. Why are you playing favorites?


Editor's reply: You're right about us promoting the St. Joseph carnival. We wrote and published a news story about it in advance, posted a calendar listing, and then for four days in a row, we promoted the next day's attractions on our Facebook page. With St. Dan's, we did a calendar listing and a single Facebook post to let folks know about it.

Not playing favorites at all, however. Here's the difference: St. Joe's asked us to help promote their carnival, St. Dan's did not. We will cheerfully help any church, school or other local not-for-profit that asks (as we have for more than three years now), but we will never force ourselves on anyone.

So if you, as a St. Dan's parishioner, want the Southwest Chicago Post to help promote any of the many good things going on at St. Dan's, please let parish leaders know we're ready when they are.

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What's going on with all the catalytic converter thefts in the neighborhood? I don't see you reporting on them.

Bob Czekaj
Garfield Ridge

Editor's reply: It's often a struggle for us to get all the crime reports we'd like from CPD 8. That said, it also happens when someone will go on Facebook, etc. and report a crime, but then we follow up with police and find out that the victim never filed a police report.

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Dear Editor:

Thank you for reporting the truth of what that Cook County Sheriff's policeman said at the Garfield Ridge Neighborhood Watch meeting.

I was at the meeting, I have friends in Central Stickney, and I couldn't believe what he was saying about Central Stickney being relatively crime free. It isn't, and the people living there say when they call 911, it takes Tom Dart's people forever to respond. Now we know why. Sheriff's police who are supposed to be patrolling Central Stickney are instead over at 63rd and Halsted, helping plug gaps for the undermanned Chicago Police Department--in what I can only conclude is some sort of a political deal between Dart and Rahm.

I'm glad you were there, because I looked in the other newspapers to read about the meeting. One didn't cover the meeting at all, and the other watered down what the Sheriff's officer said. Thanks for giving us the straight story.

Teresa Cruz
Garfield Ridge

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