Thursday, September 29, 2016

Razpachos Celebrates its Second Anniversary; You're Invited to the Party!

By Joan Hadac
Editor and Publisher
Southwest Chicago Post

A second anniversary celebration is coming this Saturday,
October 1 at Razpachos, 5611 S. Pulaski. You're invited!

bright, cheerful, comfortable storefront paletería, Razpachos features unique, custom-made, delicious frozen treats and much more--including no fewer than 40 (yes, 40!) different varieties of paletas (frozen treats on a stick).

The celebration runs from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. Saturday, October 1. Five different treats will be available for just $2 each--about half price.

Those five treats are Gazpacho Moreliano, yogurt with fresh fruit, strawberries and cream, corn in a cup and la Escamocha.

There also will be music and raffles at the festive celebration of culinary success.

What sets Razpachos apart is its quality, customer service
Manuel Bucio
and ambiance, according to Manuel Bucio, an information technology and marketing professional who is one of Razpachos' owners.

But really, what's an I.T. guy doing running a paletería?

It has to do with cherished childhood memories.

"All these products we're selling, I remember eating as a kid in Mexico," he recalls.

Bucio grew up (from age 5 to 15) in Morelia, the capital city of Michoacán.

Strawberry paletas
"In the 1940s, paletas were essentially re-invented in Michoacán," he notes with a bit of pride. "Making paletas there is done by hand--it is considered an artisanal process. That's what we do here at Razpachos. Our paletas are not made by an industrial process. We really put ourselves, our creativity, into this. I really believe it's an art form."

That's the kind of thing that's missing from so many
Oreo paletas, a customer favorite
paletería and neverías on the Southwest Side, he believes.

"When I moved to West Elsdon 15 years ago, there was only one place around here, but it was over on Kedzie--and they did a good job," he recalls. "Then in recent years, all these other places started popping up, but they all had one thing in common: they didn't have quality, and they weren't using authentic recipes."

Lime, a cool treat any time of day or evening
"That's what I think Razpachos brings to the table," he continues. "We only use the best and freshest fruit, cream and other ingredients. We use authentic recipes, yet we also are flexible enough to listen closely to what our customers tell us and adapt to their tastes. Several of our paletas that we sell regularly started off as customer requests."

"So I know I can improve the product, I can improve the taste, I can improve the experience," Bucio adds. "I think that's what helps set us apart from other places. It's not about just going and buying something. You come in here, we'll make it right in front of you, chop the fresh fruit, add fresh cream and so forth. This is an environment where people can sit down, relax and enjoy." 

It's also a place for families to make happy memories.
Razpachos is much more than desserts. Freshly made tortas and more!

"When we first opened, a couple of our customers were pregnant women with cravings for something sweet," Bucio says. "Well, they had their babies and today, their children come in with them. It is my hope that we'll get to see those little boys and girls grow up here, coming back again and again as they start school. Who knows? Years from now, they could be working here," he adds with a smile.

Offering top quality in everything means that prices at Razpachos are just a little higher than what you will find elsewhere.

Razpachos even offers freshly-squeezed orange juice!
"But we will not compromise on that--only the best for our customers," Bucio says. "For us, that has been a good recipe for success because we have earned a reputation where you know you will receive the best quality--and if that means you pay a little bit more--well, OK.

Razpachos is open seven days a week, 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.--year-round, even on holidays.

Razpachos currently has a staff of seven, and is looking to hire bright, cheerful people.

See you on Saturday?

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