Monday, September 5, 2016

St. Joe's Student Takes 2nd Place in Statewide American Legion Contest


Diego Yanez went downstate to Springfield to compete statewide, and his essay won second place in the entire state!

Congratulations, Diego!

In the photo below, he stands with St. Joseph School Assistant Principal Jason Porod, who noted that the school is still accepting students for the 2016-17 school year. For more than a century, St. Joe's has provided a Catholic elementary education to boys and girls in Summit, Garfield Ridge and other city neighborhoods and suburban communities. For more information and a tour with Principal Lawrence Manetti, call (708) 458-2927.

Original Southwest Chicago Post story (below) from May 1, 2016.

St. Joseph Student Wins 1st Place in American Legion Americanism Contest

By Joan Hadac
Editor and Publisher
Southwest Chicago Post

Congratulations to Diego Yanez, a seventh grader at St.
Diego Yanez
 Joseph School, for earning a first-place award in the American Legion's "Americanism" essay contest.

This year’s question was “Should U.S. senators and representatives have term limits?”  Diego wrote that there should be term limits.

Diego was invited to read his essay at the Robert E. Coulter Jr. Post 1941 in La Grange. His essay won over essays from students in junior high school and high school.

Congratulations, Diego!

It is our privilege to share his essay below:

By Diego Yanez

Our country is based off of change. Ever since the time of our Founding Fathers, we have always strived to change for the better. So why not apply this principle to Congress?

As senators and representatives, it their job to make sure our government knows the needs of its people. If we have senators or representatives who are not very dedicated, our country will not prosper. Therefore, I propose that senators and representatives have term limits.

First of all, U.S. senators and representatives who have been running for many terms are more likely to overlook new problems brought up by changing times, whereas new candidates who have grown up in this time can propose innovations that will better help the people. They can also revolutionize old ideas to better suit our new generation.

Some senators and representatives are not as prompt in getting the citizens what they need. According to, “Americans believe that career legislators and professional politicians have created a gaping chasm between themselves and their government.” By having term limits, it would obligate senators and representatives to be more attentive to the citizens.

Another reason is that if a senator or a representative is constantly re-elected, they lose their sense of competition. They know that there is a large possibility they will be elected again, so they do not work as hard to be able to maintain the vote of the people. When this happens, less work gets done, and things stay the same.

If new senators and representatives get elected, they will work continuously to gain the confidence of the voters. New candidates running for the same position will strive to do better than the previous officials. This competition would help to make sure senators and representatives do not lose focus and remain motivated.

My final reason is that term limits would help regulate government administration. By having new officials voted in, it would prevent long-term senators and representatives from feeling entitled and more powerful in their position. By eliminating this perception of false authority, it would help our government function mire efficiently. Progress will start to show, attracting more voters and possibly future candidates. This would help maintain the integrity of our senators and representatives. Frequent changes of officials in office will help return the confidence of the citizens in their government.

To conclude, term limits can bring new perspectives to Congress. By having different views of the same matter, it can help work out what will benefit the citizens. These diverse views can help our government undergo evolutionary change. Term limits will help bring in new senators and representatives who are more enthusiastic and ready to make a difference for our nation. By eliminating the “business as usual” attitude, our government can fully unite and lead our country to greatness.

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