Sunday, March 22, 2020

All Exterior Contractors Helping Midway-Area Men and Women in Time of Need

By Joan Hadac
Editor and Publisher
Southwest Chicago Post

As all of us know, the current coronavirus pandemic has resulted in thousands of men and women in the Chicago area being laid off without pay—or at least having their work hours and pay reduced.

With that in mind, our friends at All Exterior Contractors are offering emergency repairs--heating, plumbing, etc.--to newly unemployed homeowners in the Midway Airport area, at no charge upfront and with no interest to pay.

“These are challenging times, and some folks have been hit hard,” said Geno Randazzo, owner of All Exterior Contractors. “As a responsible local business serving the Midway area, we are willing to do our part to help get the community through this situation. We are a neighborly business helping neighbors.”

All Exterior Contractors has a history of helping folks in need. During the partial shutdown of the federal government in 2018, AEC offered emergency repairs at no upfront cost and no interest to furloughed federal workers.

The company’s offer was praised by Southwest Side
AEC has been praised by the Garfield Ridge Chamber of Commerce.
business leaders.

“This coronavirus pandemic will end, and we as a community will get through it and emerge stronger than ever—thanks in part to our local businesses—like All Exterior Contractors--helping people in need,” said Al Cacciottolo, a Garfield Ridge Chamber of Commerce board member.

“I have been proud to partner with Geno Randazzo and All Exterior Contractors on several initiatives that benefit the community,” said Mike Riordan of Mike Riordan State Farm Insurance. “This latest offer is yet another example of a local business going the extra mile to serve people in need.”

The offer applies only to emergency repairs—not ordinary home improvement projects. Re-payment must start within 21 days of the emergency service, with payment in full made within 60 days of the repair.

If you know a newly unemployed homeowner who lives in the Midway Airport area, please share this with them.

It also applies to landlords who own apartment buildings.

Will help put their mind at ease, knowing that All Exterior Contractors has their back if their furnace blows or hot water tank goes out of service, etc.

For details, call AEC at (708) 705-7900.

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