Monday, June 3, 2013

Electricity Costs Will Soar in Early 2014; Insulate Now to Prevent Big ComEd Bills

Electricity rates are set to soar in 2014, making the importance of energy-saving home insulation more important than ever.

According to a recent article in Crain’s Chicago Business (“ComEd rates are set to surge”), “In just a few weeks, rates for Commonwealth Edison Co. customers will fall significantly. But in 12 months those prices are projected to soar about 23 percent, right back to where they are today. And the same will be true of most consumers who switched to alternative suppliers to ComEd, either on their own or when their local governments contracted with those firms on their behalf.”

“Utility rate increases are especially painful for people with homes that are forty, fifty, sixty years old or older---the type of
Locally owned and operated.
and under-insulated homes that are everywhere in Garfield Ridge, Clearing and surrounding areas,” says Brian Basic of Best Home Insulation, headquartered at 6036 South Central. “But there is no way any of us should take that increase lying down. An easy and effective way to fight a 2014 increase is to insulate your home in 2013—now--with RetroFoam and save on your utility bills in the future.”

Best Home Insulation offers a simple yet smart process of injecting RetroFoam insulation material into the space between the outer and inner walls of a home or business. It is equally effective with brick and frame buildings.

Typically, the job is completed in less than a day. Since RetroFoam is installed from the outside, it is unobtrusive—no tearing out walls, no moving of furniture, no interior clean-up.
The Best Home Insulation truck.
Best Home Insulation’s trained technicians even leave the home’s outside tidy. No mess, no fuss.

“If you think you are paying too much to cool your home, you are,” Basic adds. “Insulate your home now with RetroFoam, and keep your money where it belongs—in your pocket or purse.”

Best Home Insulation is locally owned and managed by a family 
with decades of experience in building and remodeling homes. Well known and highly respected in the Chicago-area construction industry, they have a deep understanding of local construction methods and materials, enabling them to quickly and accurately assess your insulation needs. The highly trained technicians who will come to your home are fully insured, and leave your home and yard clean.

To learn more about Best Home Insulation, go online to or call 1-888-998-FOAM (3626) for a free energy consultation from a home insulation expert.

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