Friday, April 13, 2012

Letters to the Editor

Editor's note: We respect your opinion and are privileged to share it via this website. All letters to the editor will be reviewed before being posted. We do allow anonymous comments, yet we will not allow the Southwest Chicago Post to serve as a forum for bigotry of any kind. We also will not allow personal attacks against anyone, including elected officials and other public figures. On this site, all of us need to keep our tone respectful and our criticisms constructive. That's important as we work together to build better Southwest Side neighborhoods for all. So please join the conversation by sending your letter to

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Dear Editor,

Congratulations on your new venture. I wish you success. Thank you for putting together the recent article on the possible long-term effects of sports-related injuries to children. This is something that doesn't get a lot of attention, but should. Too many children---right here in the neighborhood and elsewhere---suffer injuries that go undiagnosed and therefore may not heal properly and which may lead to health problems in the future. As your article pointed out, these problems can often be prevented with prompt diagnosis and a smart regimen of chiropractic care.

Dr. Joseph Coler, DC
Coler Chiropractic

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Dear Editor,

I want to know what's going on with all the tearing up of the streets around here. Sometimes I think it's just so these politically-connected construction companies can make millions of dollars---at our expense.


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I see your new publication. I like what I see so far. It looks like you will be different from other neighborhood newspapers in this city that serve as little more than mouthpieces for local politicians. Papers that load up their front pages with pictures of politicians smiling for the camera and glad-handing anyone who will stand still for a photograph. Papers that fill their pages with politicians' press releases and worse, opinion columns written by the politicians in which they brag about how great they are---all in space that could have and should have been used for the people of the neighborhood. It's sad that some newspapers sell their souls to politicians in exchange for the lucrative advertising that appears in their "public notice" classified ad section. They have no credibility.

I hope your paper is different. Keep up the good work and please continue reporting the crime news. It's good to know what's going on.

William "Bill" Barczak

(Editor's Note: Thank you, Mr. Barczak. If you like what you see thus far from the Southwest Chicago Post, you'll probably enjoy what's ahead in the weeks and months to come; because it will be more of the same straightfoward, no-frills, honest and accurate news reporting on relevant topics---namely, making the Southwest Side a better place to live for us all---celebrating our community's successes and working to fix what needs fixing. And thanks for your concern about our soul. Rest assured it is safe and strong. While we are appropriately respectful of our local elected officials and the offices they hold, we have no plans to be anyone's parrot. Not us, not ever. Thanks for writing, and please write again soon. Your opinion---and everyone else's---counts.)

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