Sunday, April 22, 2012

Police Offer Advice on Burglary Prevention

About 75 Southwest Side men and women attended a Chicago Police burglary prevention seminar on Saturday, April 21 at Richard J. Daley College.

The seminar included ex-offenders sharing their secrets on how a burglar thinks: including how they choose which home or garage to burglarize, common mistakes that homeowners make, and more----all in the interest of offering practical steps people can take to minimize their risk of being a burglary victim.

The ex-offenders are participants in the Safer Foundation’s “Keepin’ It Real” program, started by Chicago Police Officer Maudessie Jointer about five years ago to connect former criminals with the community in constructive ways.

Regrettably, that portion of the seminar is not included in this video. Shortly before the ex-offenders were introduced, Officer Jointer asked that all video recording cease---despite the fact that the public was invited to the seminar, and that it was conducted with public funding in the public interest at a publicly-funded college.

That aside, this video shows Chicago Police Detective Ronald Skrip walking the audience through the basics of burglary prevention.

The video is long (40 minutes) and visually plain. But it features plenty of good, solid advice from an experienced, knowledgable law enforcement professional, for which the audience---judging by its questions and applause---was most grateful.

Special thanks to CPD Sergeant Allen Cain for putting it together, as well everyone else at the Eighth District who made it possible.

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