Monday, April 16, 2012

Severe Rain, Wind Strip Bark Off Dead Tree; Neighbors Want City to Cut It Down

Last night's heavy rain, followed by this morning's high winds, delivered a one-two punch to a dead tree in front of 5636 South Austin, stripping off much of the bark and blowing it onto the street.

According to a next-door neighbor who saw a Southwest Chicago Post photographer and came out to chat, several neighbors on the block are concerned that the tree, which has been dead for at least two years, is a hazard to fall and damage property and/or injure people (or worse).

The Southwest Chicago Post is contacting the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation for a response to the allegation.

Update at 2:00 PM: Streets and San spokesperson Anne Sheahan got back to us promptly (and we praise her for that). She did not address the homeowner claim about alleged S & S footdragging in the past on the tree in question, but she did offer this bit of hope: "Over the last two days, the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation has been working to service over 165 tree emergencies that have been reported by residents in the wake of the storm. The tree at 5636 S. Austin was reported today and examined this morning by our Bureau of Forestry. The tree is scheduled for removal this week."

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