Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mayor Emanuel Funds Foolishness

In a city where crime spirals out of control in many neighborhoods, yet the mayor claims he can't find funds to
hire enough police...

In a city where the mentally ill walk the streets, off their meds, because the mayor claims he can't find funds to avoid closing mental health clinics...

In a city where gangbangers and taggers deface and damage private and public property every day and night, because the mayor claims he can't find funds to hire enough graffiti-blaster crews...

Mayor Rahm Emanuel does find the resources to fund this nonsense:

Interestingly, the Emanuel Administration is not responding to our request to know how much in tax dollars this debacle is costing, where the funds came from; how these posters and bus/train ads will stop even one teenage boy from getting a girl pregnant; and why, in a time when teen pregnancy is down 33 percent in Chicago, is the Emanuel Administration rolling out a teen pregnancy campaign?

What a mess.

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  1. Tell me about he is over all the worse mayor we have had .I hope this city recalls all this at a eletion time and jick his ass out .

  2. Not to mention he just canceled the medical insurance for 30,000 retired city workers when they need the insurance the most and can least afford it. He has money for building a stadium for DePaul University and this pregnancy campaign, but the City can't fulfill it's commitment to thousands of retired city workers who were devoted to their jobs. In addition to the insurance, who knows what's going to happen to City pensions. You can't shop on Michigan Avenue over the weekend without the fear of being mugged. Rahm, you are on you're way out!!!

  3. Actually those pictures could indicate a better possibility of happening in Rahm's neighborhood than other neighborhoods.