Friday, January 4, 2013

Also at the CAPS Beat 834 Meeting...

Thursday night's mention of the arrest of two Scottsdale men on burglary charges led to other discussions of crime at the CAPS Beat 834 meeting, held at Bogan High School.

** CPD Sergeant Allen Cain reminded everyone about the importance of keeping a written inventory of all valuables. "All of you who just got new TVs or computers for Christmas---have you written down the serial numbers?" he asked. "If your belongings are stolen and you hope to get them back, you need to be able to prove that the items are yours."

He advised everyone to keep an inventory of valuables written down in a safe place, so that it may be shared quickly with police in case the items are stolen. He also suggested keeping the list on paper, citing an example of a man who kept his inventory list stored on his home computer, which itself was then stolen.

Cain also suggested purchasing an inexpensive engraving tool from a local hardware store to put a unique identifier or marking on valuables.

** In response to a question, Cain said he was not aware of an arrest being made in connection with the December 31 armed robbery of the Subway sandwich shop at 8145 South Pulaski.

** CPD Eighth District Court Advocacy Subcommittee Chair Barbara Ziegler recapped a couple of success stories and made a pitch for all to consider volunteering, on a one-day trial basis, being a court advocate---supporting victims of crime, and showing up in court to underscore the community's ongoing demand for justice. (Editor's note: The advocates were profiled several months back by the Southwest Chicago Post.)

**  There was discussion of the importance of being able to provide an accurate and complete description of criminal suspects for 911 call takers. Cain mentioned that he has in the past invited 911 dispatchers to CAPS meetings to give practical advice. (Editor's note: one such presentation was captured on video by the Southwest Chicago Post at a Garfield Ridge Neighborhood Watch meeting.)

** A woman asked why shootings are not reflected in the statistics distributed at CAPS meetings and spoke about recent shootings near 81st and Spaulding.

** Cain encouraged the formation of block clubs as a means for neighbors to help each unite against crime.

The next CAPS Beat 834 meeting is set for 7:00 p.m. Thursday, February 7 at Bogan High School.

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