Thursday, January 17, 2013

St. Laurence Scores Stunning Success; 30% Increase in Boys at Entrance Exam

Principal Jim Muting (left) and President Joseph Martinez
In a stunning turnaround rarely seen among Catholic schools these days---much less during the worst economy since the Great Depression---St. Laurence High School has engineered a whopping 30 percent increase (over last year) in students taking their entrance exam---possibly the largest among high schools in the Catholic League, according to school officials.

And the school hopes to build on that success at 4:00 p.m. Friday, January 18 when it offers the exam again for boys unable to take the test last Saturday. (Students who are taking the test should enter at the north of the building and then report to the foyer area. Students should bring two #2 pencils and a $25 testing fee.)

New St. Laurence President Joseph Martinez, well known locally as a hall-of-fame running back during his years as a Viking (Class of 1999), said that everyone at the school is "extremely proud" of the achievement. "We are honored by the opportunity to work with the sons of the families who trust in St. Laurence. We are also grateful for our current faculty, parents, students and alumni who share in the excitement of our school's vision.  We will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure St. Laurence’s academic and athletic programs, including our unique leadership program, remain competitive while creating new opportunities for our students."

Also weighing in was Principal Jim Muting: "I think the increase is due to the hard work by the faculty, staff, students and parents. The open houses, the shadow days and the meet and greets were very important this year. The entire St. Laurence community took part in these and made them a success. Getting the word out about St. Laurence, making people accountable for recruiting and Joe's vision took us to the next level.

"We cannot rest on our laurels. We need to get these students registered and begin planning for next year. We need to review what we did well this year and what we need to do better.  We have raised the bar. We need to do even more next year."

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